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Greets all

So I would be the creator of this here shindig, got the idea from Columbus (where I have been living) having one and my wife put me up to creating it (ok who am I kidding, she logged in as me and created it because I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to).

So I just landed a job down here at SHPS as a Software test manager and we'll be relocating down here soon (we just put an offer in on a house off Taylorsville Rd between Jeffersontown and Gene Snyder, if anyone could give me any info on what that area is like I'd be much obliged), for the time being while I'm waiting for papers to close and us to get moved I'm staying in an extended Stay Hotel off Hurstborne Rd (Fun, Fun I know) during the week and traveling home to Columbus on the weekends.

So enough about the real world, what make me a geek is what you really want to know I'm sure. :-)

Where to start, I've always been a geek, since before it was cool to be a geek. I've been playing D&D since sometime around 1979 or 1980 and have enjoyed Battletech, Shadowrun, Mage, and many other RPG's over the years. I'm a fan of pretty much all Sci Fi TV although I could never get into Farscape and the new Battlestar Galactica annoys me as much as it amazes me, in general I consider Babylon 5 to be the height of all filmaking art (with the caveat that I have only seen 2 episodes of Firefly so far). In addition to that I have been into reading a fair ammount of Sci Fi/Fantasy with my favorites being Tolkien (I have even read the Silmariallion several times), Heinlein, Niven/Pournelle (combined or seperate although I like Pournelle better as a solo writer), Brooks, Battletech and Shadowrun novels (Michael Stackpole is a highly underrated author IMO), and Neil Gaiman. Most other areas of geekdom I am into Passively, as in I like them but don't have time to really get into them hard core, this includes things like The SCA (hard to work into my schedule and even harder as I have young children), Cons (Ditto), Animee, Computer Games, Filk, etc.

So great to meet you all and looking forward to meeting you all in person.

p.s. Oh, the reason I wouldn't know how to create a community is I don't use LJ all that often and mostly when I do use it it is to post in Communities.
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