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Greetings, introductions, etc.

Greetings, Louisvillians! (Louisvillites? Louisvillains? first things first, I need an appropriate demonym)

This fall, I'm starting as a math professor at UofL. I'm coming out to Louisville in mid-July (after a brief apartment-hunt visit in late June), and I'm looking for people wherewith to do interesting, odd, generally geeky things. Also, folks who'll generally help me figure out what's what in a new town. I'm an East Coast transplantee who's spent enough time out west to claim some familiarity with SoCal style, but Kentucky's a leap into the unknown. So I'm looking forward to getting to know the place, getting to know the people, and, with luck, finding people sharing my interests (in no particular order: board-gaming, crochet, animation, comic books, interactive fiction, Hungariana, east-Asian cuisines, origami, progrock, speculative fiction).

So, what's it like out there? And what's going on in late summer that's entertaining?
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