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2010 Bullitt Lecture in Mathematics: this Thursday! [Mar. 22nd, 2010|01:23 pm]
Louisville Geeks


The Bullitt Mathematics Lecture is an annual, free, public lecture held by the mathematics department of the University of Louisville of broad interest to the community. This year's lecture will be on Thursday, March 25th, presented by Bernd Sturmfels of the University of California, Berkeley, on "Tropical Mathematics". Dr. Sturmfels, a leading researcher and author in the fields of statistics, geometry, symbolic algebra, and bioinformatics, will present an unusual arithmetic system based on concepts similar to the familiar operations of addition and multiplication, but with surprising variations that make it eminently suited for optimizing industrial operations and analyzing gene sequences.

The lecture will be this Thursday at 6PM in Strickler 101 (Middleton Auditorium) on the Belknap campus of the University of Louisville. Full details about the lecture, its history, recent speakers, and a flyer describing Dr. Sturmfels's talk can be found at the Bullitt lecture homepage.